So this is where I’m going to try to keep a running total of my financial in/outgoings. Hopefully it will make sense and we can see exactly where I am with the project. I don’t have a specific target just yet but lets start with £1000!

+/- £Action£££
-£1Bought Scratch Card0.00
-£5Bought Dictionary0.00
+£4.63Sold Prints on Ebay£4.63
+£10Sold Unwanted Items£14.63
+£3.86Fiverr Gig£18.49
+£20.05Sold Unwanted Items£38.54
+£4.63Sold Prints on Ebay£43.17
-£14Bought Bottles etc £29.17
-£3Bought Vinyl£26.17
+£10Sold 3 Bottles£36.17
+£5Sold Moneybox£41.17
+£3.05Fiverr Gig£44.20
+£30Sold Unwanted Items£74.20
 +£3 Fiverr Gig £77.20
 +£21 Table Sale in Village Hall £98.20
+£3 Dictionary Print £101.20
+£35Writing Bureau£135.20
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