A Good Result!

We told you this week about an old writing bureau we had been given. It wasn’t anything special but it was compact and a useful piece of furniture.

Family life had taken it’s toll!

Well I spent a few hours removing the stickers, handles etc and giving it a rough sand all over. Then started to paint it. I went for a mid grey for 2 reasons… firstly because it was one of the only paints I had enough of to finish the project and, secondly it’s a very ‘on trend’ colour right now.

I wonder what the ‘E’ means?

As it was fairly plain once painted I added a little rose gold ‘squiggle’ in the corners.

Love these rose gold squiggles!

Even the inside got a lick of paint so it wasn’t dark and gloomy when you opened it…

Excuse the messy floor!

Doing this project has given me a bug and I’m already looking for the next piece to work on. Of course I’m looking for ‘free to collector’ items but I might just go to an auction and see what’s about!

Once I was happy enough with the finish I took some photo’s (yes, I know I really need a better camera!) and put it onto the selling pages local to me. I called it a ‘laptop station’ as I think writing bureau sounds a bit dated. I was over the moon when it sold within an hour for £35! All pure profit for the kitty.

A tidy work-space for home office or school work

Do you have a piece you could bring back to life and sell for profit? You could ask on the free sites or keep an eye in local charity shops. You can even place a wanted ad for the paints to do it up with! If you need any help with ideas how to decorate then ask in the comments and I’ll try my best to help.

Thanks for reading,

Nikki x

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