Just a quick post today as it’s been a long (and awful) weekend!

I did find the time to check my local facebook marketplace pages and saw a cute little writing bureau free to collector. I was local so I thought I’d give it a go and see if I could turn it into something a little more desirable.

This wasn’t my first go at upcycling furniture. It used to be quite a hobby of mine but I really haven’t had the time to do anything recently. The photo below is of one of my favourite pieces after I finished with it an I had the same green and maps scheme in my head for the bureau.

I loved making this piece and it sold for a good profit too!

While I was looking through what little bits of paint I have stashed in the shed, I came across a tin of grey undercoat. It’s a lovely battleship grey and I know undercoat goes on well and gives a tough finish. It’s also very ‘on trend’ so might make it more desirable to a younger market. Using a modern finish on an older item has worked for me in the past with a 1960’s table that had seen better days…

An awful photo but the only one I could find!

I have made a start and went with the grey. I will post when it’s finished but for now you need to use your imagination…

I see potential… do you?

Have you ever had any luck ‘flipping’, as our friends in the US call it. Basically it’s buying with the intention to sell on for profit. Maybe you could have a go with furniture or something smaller. If you have a couple of hours and a dribble of paint then it’s got to be worth the risk, especially if you can pick up something ‘charming’ from a free site or cheap in a second hand shop.

Nikki x

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