Slowly, Slowy, Catchy Monkey

Sorry haven’t been around much this past month! Things have been hectic trying to build my ‘legitimate’ business and I’ve had to move house so it’s been full on! I’m still tripping over boxes of stuff now but it did give me a great opportunity to carry on with my clear out!

I found bags of old teddies and boxes of ‘stuff’ that I haven’t thought about in years, so I hauled it all with me. The things that might have some value to someone I posted on Facebook Marketplace, where most things were snapped up quite quickly. I really recommend it as a selling platform for household goods. I’ve also booked a place at an indoor car boot sale and I’ll be taking as much as I can fit in the car and selling it for pennies in the hope that it adds up to a few pounds! Even if it doesn’t make much it has cleared some valuable space, both physically and mentally.

I finally had a couple of orders for the dictionary prints so the initial £5 investment has been more than covered 🙂 And I had 2 Gigg sales on Fiverr. These took me minutes to do and cost me nothing. It’s a shame the exchange rate is so awful at the moment or they would have paid more!

Once I had a few pounds in the kitty I had a good think about what else I could do, things aren’t going fast enough for my liking lol. I used to make wedding invitations and have quite a few craft bits laying around the house, including a silhouette Cameo cutter. Now I could sell it for about £150, which is a nice little chunk of money, or I could try using it to make money. I have decided to keep it for now, and have a go at cutting vinyl decals.

The next part of my plan was to find items to decorate and, with my limited funds, the pound shop seemed like a good place to start. I picked up some water bottles, heart shaped money boxes (leftover from Valentine’s day) and a couple of simple glass vases (it’s almost Mother’s Day in the UK). I made some quotes using my cutter and some vinyl I found locally, and stuck them on Facebook Marketplace and Instagram. Total spend = £17

Personalised water bottles using vinyl
Cheap water bottles transformed with vinyl.

I would love to say that my phone blew up with requests but that would be a lie! What happened was a local lady contacted me to request 3 bottles with her grand-kids names on them. I sold her 3 for £10 so had over half my initial investment back with just one sale! Another sale was soon to follow, this time for a personalised heart money box – £5! I still have lots of ‘stock’ to sell and I’m hoping it will return around £50 at least.

Now you might be screaming at your screen that you don’t have a fancy pants electronic cutter but I bet you do have a hobby? Perhaps you can knit or crochet, sew or whittle cool stuff from wood? Maybe you can draw amazing cartoons or have space on your windowsill to cultivate a few tomato plants (I’ve just thought of this one and it is seriously going onto my list of stuff to do). My point is that almost everyone has something they can do to make a few extra £££’s and, if it’s something you get enjoyment out of doing then it doesn’t even count as work!

If making and selling just isn’t your thing then can you offer a service? It’s a really mild February as I write this, and I’m already thinking that I need to get my garden cleared up. If you have the time you could offer this service to people locally, pensioners in particular need a hand with the heavy work. Don’t charge tradesman’s rates and think of it as helping your community and you will feel good about yourself AND have a few extra pennies in the pot!

Total in the kitty: £74.20…. now we start to get serious!

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