A Quick Update…

It’s been a little while since I blogged but that’s because nothing much has happened! My Giggs on Fiverr haven’t resulted in anything, and no one has bought any dictionary prints. (pause for you to say ‘awwwe’).

Am I disappointed? A little. Is it going to stop me and my crazy plan? Hell no! I managed to find a lovely little crafting community on facebook and have signed up on their related selling platform www.consciouscrafties.com They have a requirement of all sellers to have a disability of some sort, to be suffering with their mental health or to be caring for someone who would qualify. Luckily (really?) I qualify with my anxiety ‘issues’ but I’m sure I will bore you with that another time! There is a small monthly fee but I will be using it for my main business so I can tag my project products on there for nothing!

I’m convinced these prints will sell!

I am tempted to cheat a little and attend a local craft fair with the prints, but the stall is £8 and that’s more than I’ve come close to making. So I’m going to have a clear out and sell some of the unloved junk I have around my house. I watched one episode of ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ and had a great time clearing out my clothes. I know, sounds strange to enjoy tidying but it really was quite cleansing and therapeutic! I highly recommend you give it a viewing if you want to clear some clutter.

I don’t imagine anyone will want to buy much of my old stuff, maybe a suit from my business days or a nice woolen coat that I never wore, so I’m bagging it up to sell by weight at a clothes recycling centre. They don’t give you much but a few pounds for a bin bag and I’ve got a couple of bags already. I can’t make a special trip (fuel would cost me about £10) but the next time I’m in the city I will take them with me.

I’d usually donate it to charity but needs must!

I’m also looking into’Making Money On Pinterest’. I can spend hours on there, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. So I’m going to see if it’s possible to spend an hour a day working on it and see results. I really can’t commit to more than that at the minute. I will let you know my findings very soon!

Nikki x

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